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Bitcoin is rising in price! Big moves, towards making Bitcoin more accessible to the general public are happening RIGHT NOW! Fed-Coin, as a stable coin, is a real possibility. See the Crypto stories on my Twitter timeline! Also, big moves are happening now with the Facebook coin; Libra.
(B I T C O I N is the coin to own now!)

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Strange but true. The U.S. Government owes WAY more than it is worth, and they are printing Trillions more!
Dollars only cute pieces of paper, backed only by the confidence of the people in the monetary system. The same system that is printing Dollars to the Moon. The more they print, the less those Dollars can buy.
(Get some solid wealth now, in Gold and Silver!)

The Best "Reason to own Silver" video that I have seen so far,
is linked within the photo above. Keep Stacking!

Trading in Crypto-Currency since 2016.
I am buying more VERI. This is not financial advise. ~ Prof 01/04/22
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I accept Cryptos as payment for. My list of wallet addresses is below.
Just tell me which coin you prefer to pay with.
I will invoice you and include my wallet address. When your payment is received,
I will mark your item as "payment received", then mail it. ~ Prof.

Coindesk rocks harder than Coinmarketcap. Check your coins actual value at Coin-Fair-Value. Donations in CRYPTOS are Veri welcomed. Please send me a heads-up email so I know who to thank and respond to.

Deposits less than the minimums are rejected by the software.
My Cryptocurrency deposit addresses;

Bitcoin BTC = 36vLpZA5wS569toy8tf6EvPvA7zS8CdJoK
(Min deposit 0.00010 BTC)
Bitcoin Cash BCH = bitcoincash:qqk89esyn294vekg08jseys040nlwq7zxgfldvzzkx
(Min deposit 0.0010 BCH)
Ethereum ETH = 0x2139d48888665b26b48cd1fe1cc1a1ea9b0eae8f
(Min deposit 0.0080) ETH
Dash = XnsX4RP9dxMaYZarguxaXDLiohvf3nzz7u
(Min deposit 0.0020) DASH
VERI = 0x2139d48888665b26b48cd1fe1cc1a1ea9b0eae8f
(Minimum deposit 0.50) VERI
Shiba Inu = 0x2139d48888665b26b48cd1fe1cc1a1ea9b0eae8f
(Min deposit 1500000.00 SHIB

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