Feeling down, thinking low, thinking about taking a long walk off of a short pier? Forgetaboutit! Relax for a minute. Read through a few of these tweets and reconsider everything. Don't let a gang of assholes trick you into an early grave. Turn off your TV and your phone. Draw a line in the sand, have a cup of herbal tea or some delicious "Peets Coffee" and eat something sweet. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. And after that, have a good meal. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but tomorrow is another day. First of all, we must get through this day and pass whatever obstacles that are in the way. Email me if you need too. Mention "Webpage Emergency" in the subject. ~ Prof.

The color of the dot "Deep Red" which suggests broadly shared coherence of thought and emotion. The index is less than 5%, through " Green" which is average or expected behavior. The index is between 40% and 90%, through "Dark Blue" suggestive of deeply shared, internally motivated group focus. The index is above 95, indicates the current "Global Consciousness".
Really, no shit! Click on the dot and review this experimental project yourself. These colors can fade between each other so it's possible to have, for example, yellow-orange-ish and green-yellow-ish colors. Please don't strongly interpret the dot!

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