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~ 07/04/2022 LINK

Title; THE DESCENT INTO MADNESS! by Spirit on a Journey 2020
(A short history of the last 2 years!
~ Rated -PG- for SUBJECT MATTER!)

Title; THE DESCENT INTO MADNESS! ~ Predictive Programming or random chance?
We lived through this, and it effected each one of us!
These are not staged events, this happened to us.
And now we are being told that a new virus is coming.
Be ready, if there is a second Lock-Down,
it will be more tragic than the first one. ~ Prof.

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Here is what the truth looks like. Click on the photo. It's a video.

This is the W.H.O., and this is their plan
for the United States and the World!

A Warning about "Government" getting rid of people from 1972. Satire 1:50
One of the reasons the PTB want to get rid of the elders,
is because the elders know that the PTB have been planning our "disappearace" for many years!
The New World Order does not include me or you.

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