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In times like these, free entertainment and information is priceless. Here you can watch movies and information videos for FREE! Also, FREE EBOOKS will soon be available for download. Inflation is about to become painful. There will be challenges to our Lifestyles from now on. But, FREE entertainment will lower stress levels and still give us a chance to relax. P.S. If you can, drop a buck or two on a Brother, as a donation to the cause. Every dollar helps. Thank you. ~ Prof.

The comments, conversations, odd subjects, films and videos featured on this website sometimes involves thoughts from the outside of the box, nudity, extremely vulgar language, and or other situations and weird-ass theories and or content that some viewers from what is called Normal Society might find objectionable, and or Challenging in very odd ways. I'm warning you, there is some Psychotronic Shit on this website. The sparkling twilight of Alternative Thinking is visible just ahead. Continue into this website at your own discretion. ~ Thank you. Professor Curtis 03/08/2022

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I have now been BANNED on YOUTUBE, for asking
the wrong questions and for pointing out in plain english,
what the World Economic Forum's end game is, which is our total enslavement.

Keep an eye on Europe this Winter! People in the colder regions
are going to perish because of the games being played by the WEF.

KEEP STACKING! P.S. I was BANNED on BITCHUTE for Copyright Violations.
Free speech today is being silenced by the organizations
that do not want us to hear or know the truth.
Follow the money, and you will find the truth!
I appealled and was reinstated today, 09/29/22

The question that I asked was this;
What happen to the Confiscated Russian wealth on deposit
in the United States Treasury? 500 Billion Dollars taken without a court order.
That money could be used to help Americans and Europeans
through the vicious winter cold. The money just disappeared! ~ Prof.

Real News stories that the main stream media wants you to ignore.

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The words of the Lord are pure words:
as Silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
~ Psalms 12:6

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