All praise to the most high God,
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U r b a n~T r e a s u r e~H u n t i n g and O n l i n e ~ S a l e s!
I am selling; Pin Backs, Brooches, Books, Silver, Collectibles, and other items as the Urban Treasure Hunter, online!

BTC or XRP are accepted as payments on eBay. Just tell me which coin you prefer to pay with. I will invoice you and include my wallet address. When your payment is received, I will mark your item as "payment received", then mail it. If there is a problem, your solution is to leave negative feedback. Let's step into tomorrow, today. ~ Prof.

"Let there be peace, love and perfection, throughout all creation."
John Coltrane ~ Click on the Coltrane photo to explore
The Church of Saint John Coltrane in San Francisco, CA

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The best CLASSICAL music station in the Bay Area; KDFC
The best
music station in the Bay Area; KCSM
The best PEOPLE'S music station in the Bay Area; KPOO

Keep a dollar in your pocket! by Roy Milton

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The words of the Lord are pure words:
as Silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
~ Psalms 12:6

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